Customer service is the lifeline of any business. It is vital in customer retention and keeping a business up and running. Many businesses fail due to incompetent employees who just can’t seem to figure out how to treat people. We have all seen both ends, the employee that is trying way too hard to get their commission or get that employee of the month plaque who is quite frankly just annoying. Then there is the other end, where the employee seems as if they would rather cut their leg off with a dull knife than help you. As our society is evolving, so are our customer service trends. Adapting to the change can be tricky, the employers have to know what will keep their customers coming back and bring more customers in. Some of the top customer service trends in restaurants include,

  1. Technology – Modern technology has been utilized to some extent by most restaurants as many of them will text you when your table is ready, let you order online, provide a tablet at the table that can be used for games and then later payment, give you a full menu online, and even post deal to Facebook. With this technology, customers can get their food faster while decreasing labor costs. Keeping up with technology caters to the customer, keeping them happy.
  2. Keeping it local – More and more people are getting on board with supporting local business and so are restaurants. Restaurants want to give their customers the best products they can all while helping the local economy.
  3. Fast casual – fast casual restaurants have been popping up all over the place. Although there is less employee-customer interaction than in a regular restaurant, customers are getting good food at a low cost.
  4. Sustainability – Along with going local, many people want to take part in saving the environment and restaurants have listened. Biodegradable napkins, plates, and other

Because of these trends, restaurants have been able to maintain a successful amount of customers. As the trends change, one thing will remain the same when it comes to customer service; customers expected to be treated with respect and dignity.