The now tropical themed, Hula’s Modern Tiki did not always have its exotic island vibes. Before the Tiki bar came along, this Central Avenue location was home to Heap Big Beef. This drive in or take out restaurant was a fast, easy, and cheap way to enjoy a big roast beef sandwich with the family. This U.S. choice beef was best complimented with some fries or a milkshake and made a “mouthwatering meal that inspires the heartiest appetites.” This chain of restaurants was a booming franchise in the 1960s, offering a great franchise deal and a roast beef sandwich for under $1.00. Contrast to Hula’s island style theme, Heap Big Beef was filled with Indian décor and thrived off of their phrase, “No tipping. No deciding. No waiting.” Heap Big Beef didn’t survive in the world of fast food but they did leave a building unique to the Phoenix area. The quirky hexagonal exterior and rich history has made a perfect home for Hula’s Modern Tiki.


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