Only in a perfect world would your doctor tell you that a cocktail would solve your medical needs. This was the case for the lucky patients of Dr. Funk, a German doctor and a mixologist.  Dr. Funk migrated to Samoa where he became the first practitioner in the capital city. The mixologist created a drink, Dr. Funk, which he served as a medical tonic. This medical tonic was made with Absinthe, grenadine, syrup from a pomegranate, lime juice, and siphon water. The drink became notorious throughout Polynesia and was even taken by Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island while he lived in Samoa. This medical tonic turned into a Polynesian inspired social drink, which fits right into a Tiki bar. Today, Dr. Funk is typically fueled by rum and can be made up with different ingredients but it still holds its South Pacific roots.

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