Danish Modern furniture, a style of furniture that thrived from the 1940s to the 1960s has made a comeback and is more hip than ever. Think of The Brady Bunch when you think Danish Modern furniture, with the vintage style wood composed of clean pure lines, which are proportionate to the human body. Danish Modern furniture was apart of the Bauhaus movement, and we can owe this hip trend to several different people, especially architects and cabinetmakers. In the 1920s, Danish Modern furniture was born in Denmark. Kaare Klint had an understanding of classical furniture craftsmanship, which was all carefully researched to include the best materials and proportions. Post World Wars, Danish architects and designers believed that this design could improve the lives of others. As a result, the designers wanted to create affordable furniture and household items that served a function but were also elegant. It wasn’t too long until this Danish phenomenon took off in the United States. Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. from the Museum of Modern Art purchased items for a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and this led to mass production of Danish Modern in the United States. Now, this affordable and practical furniture is sold all over the world, making it one of Denmark’s most important export industries. Danish Modern can be found in homes, restaurants, and businesses all over the United States and is thriving more than ever. If thriving in Arizona is your thing, Copenhagen, a local store that sells Danish Modern furniture will fulfill all of your wanting to thrive needs. http://azarchitecture.com/ will allow you to have the trendiest house on the block and make all of your neighbors jealous.