Alfred Beadle is one of Arizona’s most famous architects. Beadle’s midcentury style architecture can be found throughout Arizona. Beadle’s work includes, commercial buildings, residential housing and apartments, and his famous design, Case Study Apartment #1, which is a three-unit apartment development that can be found right here in Phoenix. During World War II, Beadle was trained in construction; however, he did not have an architectural license, which led to difficulties throughout his career. He was eventually charged with practicing without a license. Because of his success, the state of Arizona wanted to grandfather Beadle in, giving him his license. Beadle refused, so he took the state’s test and of course, passed. Beadle won several awards for his outstanding architecture and had accomplished a lot by a young age. At the age of 37, Beadle supervised the construction of a 21-story building. Which at the time, was the tallest building in Phoenix. Unfortunately, many of Beadle’s designs have been demolished or reconstructed. Many of his original designs still exist and his midcentury, desert modernism, style has made a comeback. This comeback highlights one of Arizona’s greats while exposing the beauty of the desert.